Football Goal Post

Arc is a redesign of the classic football goal post, designed to bring a fresh and lively look to the football field. The product reimagines the traditional circular frame of the goal post and introduces a new approach to the net. The development of Arc was focused on not just how we could change the goal post but also how we could visualize the energy and movement of football in a design that normally remains unchanged.

The heart of Arc’s design lies in the net’s visual language. By updating this, the goal post isn’t just a part of the background anymore. The redesigned net, with its dynamic curvature and transformed structure, offers a new look for the sport and provides fans with a fresh perspective.

Arc’s goal is to make the static elements of football, like the goal post, more engaging and integrated into the game’s spirit. This new visual language for the goal post aims to contribute to the overall experience, making the product a more significant, exciting part of football matches.