Portable Table Lamp

Beacon is a portable table lamp designed to rethink traditional lighting by flipping the conventional form upside down. Instead of shining light from the top, Beacon has its light source embedded in the base. This unique approach casts a soft, ambient light upwards, highlighting the surrounding space and any items placed on the lamp.

Beacon features a single button on the stem, which serves as the on/off switch. The prominent stem allows users to pick it up and place it anywhere. The product aims to reimagine the role of light in our homes and offices by shifting the focus of lighting from just illuminating a room to enhancing the appearance of the objects within it, adding depth and character to the space and the items it lights.

The concept behind Beacon challenges us to think about lighting in a new way, allowing users to spotlight what’s important to them. Whether it’s a book, a piece of art, or simply the corner of a room, Beacon brings importance to spaces and objects alike, encouraging us to see our surroundings in a new light.