Water Bottle

Borrel is a water bottle that aims to redefine the traditional concept by drawing inspiration from industrial containers. During the development of Borrel, we noticed how the shape of bottles can significantly impact our perception of what’s inside. This observation guided us to design a product that feels familiar and unique in the crowded hydration market.

Made from stainless steel, Borrel features a double-walled design with a volume capacity of 1 liter or 35 fluid ounces, making it practical for daily needs. The bottle features dual handles for easy carrying and a knurled textured cap.

In creating Borrel, our goal was to question and challenge the current trends in water bottle design, particularly the bulky styles popularized by items like the Stanley Tumbler. We recognized that social media platforms like Instagram and TikTok have turned everyday items like water bottles into personal accessories, becoming co-stars in the background of daily work meetings or gym sessions. Today, people don’t just carry water bottles; they display them as part of their personal style.

Against this backdrop, Borrel is designed to be more than just a water bottle. It represents an opportunity to stand out. With its inspiration drawn from the practicality and aesthetic of industrial containers, combined with stainless steel and double-walled construction, Borrel introduces a design that is both recognizable and distinct. This approach positions Borrel not just as a tool for hydration but as an accessory that complements the individuality of its user, making a statement in an oversaturated market.