Earbugs are earbuds that blend wireless in-ear technology with bone conduction for a distinctive audio experience. The earbuds are designed to fit snugly and naturally, conforming to the shape of the ear. The product has smooth exterior and a textured inner side that indicates where the bone conduction technology is located, guiding the user to a deeper understanding of how Earbugs work.

The dual technology of Earbugs – combining in-ear listening with bone conduction – conceptually enriches sound quality and depth. Bone conduction technology doesn’t isolate the user from their surroundings but instead, when used alongside traditional in-ear sound delivery, it adds a layer of depth to the audio. This unique pairing allows users to experience their favorite music or podcasts in a way that feels full and immersive, as the sound seems to come from within, akin to the intimate relationship a parasite has with its host.