Bedding Brand

Good is a startup based in New Jersey that we partnered with to create a brand dedicated to offering simple, health-oriented products. Founded by Dr. Ryan Lee, a chiropractor, Good aims to provide long-term solutions to common health issues encountered in the chiropractic practice. The brand’s mission is shaped by Dr. Lee’s vision and firsthand experiences with patients, driving the development of products that address these challenges effectively.

For Good’s debut, we leveraged Dr. Lee’s professional insights to develop their inaugural product while crafting a brand identity that radiates optimism and accessibility. Good stands out as a bedding brand with a clear focus: to introduce products that offer designed solutions for chiropractic concerns, beginning with the common issue of neck pain.

In creating the brand’s visual identity, we aimed for simplicity and clarity, allowing for easy understanding and the potential for future expansion. The branding features patterns, simple illustrations, and more, all carefully chosen to align with Good’s core philosophy. Notably, the design incorporates subtle cues about the brand’s primary concern—neck pain relief. The smile-like curve in the “g” of Good’s logo establishes a friendly and approachable tone and mirrors the arch of The Good Pillow’s neck supporter.

This branding and product design approach underlines Good’s commitment to improving everyday health through well-designed solutions. By ingraining their products and branding with intentional design elements that speak directly to the user’s needs, Good sets a foundation for growth and the introduction of future products that continue to address health and comfort in creative ways.