Hex Tools

Hammer and Flashlight

Hex Tools offers a unique take on camping essentials, transforming them into design objects through the exploration of hexagonal forms. This duo, consisting of a hammer and a flashlight, aims to provide a new visual experience for outdoor enthusiasts.

The hammer features a hollowed-out wooden handle and a hardened stainless steel head. The dual-purpose head, one side for hammering tent stakes and the other for digging or cutting small pieces of wood, also serves to showcase the versatility and beauty of the hexagonal shape in a tool.

Similarly, the flashlight extends the hexagonal theme with a robust design and a pronounced end, ensuring it’s not just a source of light but a companion piece to the hammer. The emphasis here is on the tactile feel of the flashlight, matching the hammer’s size and form to complete the set.

Hex Tools reimagines these camping products as design objects, focusing on the hexagonal form to create fully functional tools that contribute to the aesthetic of outdoor gear.