Tennis Racket

Hìtëkw is a tennis racket that aims to envision advanced performance, improve player performance, and disrupt tradition.

Advancements in technology have led to improved equipment that is lighter and more durable, aiding athletes in their performance. This pursuit of performance is especially true in tennis, where rackets have become lighter and more robust due to new materials and manufacturing techniques.

However, there’s still room to explore a racket that leverages new technology to depart from conventional designs and further improve the sport. This is where Hìtëkw comes into play. It features a tree-like structure that connects the handle to the head, setting it apart from any other racket. Inspired by generative design, Hìtëkw seeks to redefine what a tennis racket can be.

Originally shared as a concept in August 2022 for the US Open, we partnered with Protolabs to bring this idea into reality with a 3D-printed aluminum prototype.

The development from concept to prototype marks the beginning of Hìtëkw’s presence at the MATCH: Design & Sport exhibition held at the Musée du Luxembourg in Paris, France, for the 2024 Olympic games. Curated by Konstantin Grcic, the exhibition celebrates design’s role in shaping the future of sports.

Exhibition Photos by MATCH: Design & Sport – A story looking to the future / Exhibition Design Konstantin Grcic / Photo @ Sarah Vervisch for GrandPalaisRmn 2024