Utensil Set

HungryWare is a collection of utensils inspired by the Mukbang trend. Mukbang, which started in South Korea, involves people eating large amounts of food while engaging with viewers in real-time. With the popularity of these videos in mind, we aimed to create “performance” silverware that allows content creators to capture more food with each forkful, spoonful, or slice, making their videos more appealing.

These utensils are intentionally made larger than standard silverware, focusing on improving the efficiency and enjoyment of consuming generous food portions. The design of HungryWare caters not only to the needs of Mukbang content creators but also to anyone interested in the unique experience of eating large portions. By drawing inspiration from Mukbang’s distinctive eating style, HungryWare offers a new way to enhance the dining experience, whether for an audience or personal enjoyment.