Inflatable Eyewear


Inflatable Eyewear introduces a unique collection of glasses split into three distinct styles: The Athlete, The Contemporary, and The Oversized. This innovative approach to eyewear is inspired by the growing trend of inflatables in fashion, challenging traditional eyeglass design with a focus on inflatable frames.

The Athlete style is designed with functionality in mind, drawing inspiration from sports eyewear to offer maximum vision, easy inflation for a comfortable fit, and a secure hold during physical activities. The Contemporary style reflects current fashion trends in eyewear with a low-sitting form. The Oversized style makes a bold statement with a large, puffy frame that exaggerates the inflatable aspect for a playful and distinctive look.

Each variant in the Inflatable Eyewear collection is conceptualized to allow for easy deflation and inflation, making the glasses highly practical for travel and storage. This project explores the potential of reinventing the traditional manufacturing process with inflatable materials. It pushes the boundaries of conventional design, offering a fresh perspective on how eyewear can be both functional and a form of self-expression.