Lilly Finance

Cryptocurrency Brand

Lilly Finance is a brand designed to be a next-generation medical finance blockchain that merges the worlds of medical finance and cryptocurrency. The brand’s identity is deeply influenced by the personal story of its founder and his daughter, providing a foundation of emotional depth and purpose.

The design challenge for this project was to visually represent the integration of medical finance with the innovative technology of cryptocurrency. The image mark logo blends these elements: a central square symbolizes the security needed when dealing with finances, while adjacent half circles evoke the universal symbol of health, the plus sign. An “L” ties these elements together to create the logo for this brand and unify the brand’s core focus.

Beyond the logo, the brand was developed with a strong emphasis on security and positivity, key values that guide Lilly Finance’s approach. The color scheme, named Digital Daybreak, features gradients that represent the dawn of a new day through a digital perspective, signaling optimism and renewal in the financial and medical landscapes.

Lilly Finance’s brand journey saw significant milestones, including sponsoring a NASCAR car, which carried the brand’s identity across racetracks, propelling the brand into new and exciting territories.