Storage System

Mango is a storage system crafted to help new users explore the world of recreational marijuana in a friendly and clear manner. With the increasing legalization of cannabis across the USA, there’s been a boom in products catering to its use. Yet, for those just beginning to explore cannabis, the variety of tools and the unfamiliarity of the environment can be overwhelming.

Recognizing this, Mango offers an introductory kit designed to ease newcomers into their cannabis journey. The kit includes the essentials: a pipe for smoking, a grinder for preparing the marijuana, and four separate cases, each of which is designed to be easy to use and understand, with the individual cases specifically meant to store the tools and, eventually, as the user’s experience and curiosity grows, hold other accessories they may acquire.

The idea behind Mango is to demystify the experience of using cannabis and to provide a welcoming entry point for people who might be interested but hesitant. By including only the necessary items, the kit prevents beginners from feeling lost or intimidated. It’s designed to evolve with the user, becoming more useful as they become more comfortable and interested in trying different aspects of marijuana use. Mango aims to make the introduction to cannabis as simple, understandable, and pleasant as possible, opening up a path to more sophisticated experiences in a natural and unintimidating way.