Mega Mesh


Mega Mesh is a backpack crafted to weave a narrative that mirrors current societal trends, aiming to add to the collection of objects that foster social engagement and spark discussions on the evolving role of design in our culture. This product is envisioned not merely as a functional item for carrying belongings but as a catalyst for interaction, customization, and a deeper connection between the user and the object.

The design of Mega Mesh intentionally strays from the conventional path. It’s not about delivering the simplest or most straightforward backpack; rather, it’s about presenting a challenge to the user. The backpack invites users to engage with it as a versatile tool, capable of transitioning from a simple carrying product to a statement piece. With its soft and flexible caged form, Mega Mesh encourages creativity and aims to provide a unique experience, allowing individuals to express their identity.

Mega Mesh is particularly geared towards Gen Z—a generation accustomed to well-designed, user-friendly products. The underlying idea of Mega Mesh suggests that a product should perhaps challenge this generation, offering them an opportunity to engage more deeply with their possessions rather than simplifying their use. This challenge is believed to foster appreciation, enhance the bond with the product, and make a personal statement. Mega Mesh stands as a testament to this philosophy, pushing the boundaries of design and user interaction to create a product that is not just carried but experienced and personalized, reflecting the individuality of its user.

Mega Mesh was designed in collaboration with Miguel Peña and animated in collaboration with Yongho Kim and Joonho Bang.