Accessory Brand

The NOK brand is on a mission to redefine the startup landscape in America with a focus on creating everyday necessary accessories. It aims to craft a design language that’s both universal and instantly recognizable. According to Ekanem E. Archibong, NOK’s founder, the brand’s essence is about creating products that integrate seamlessly into your lifestyle, becoming indispensable to your daily life. NOK is dedicated to solving problems without creating new ones, steering clear of the pitfalls of waste and profit in favor of making a significant social impact. By enhancing everyday wear and care products, NOK addresses urgent needs with superior design, elevating daily essentials to a higher realm of aesthetics and functionality.

Central to NOK’s identity is its logo, a creative abstraction derived from the brand’s name. The logo is crafted from foundational shapes extracted from each letter in “NOK,” symbolizing the brand’s commitment to a universal design language. This careful consideration in logo design underlines NOK’s intention to blend universal understandability with the branding, reflecting the company’s ethos of accessibility, simplicity, and impact through design.