Peel is a peelable rubber shoe that challenges traditional interactions between the user and the product. This design introduces a novel way to use shoes—by peeling them open for use and sealing them shut for storage—and also sets itself apart with a distinctive visual identity and narrative.

Peel transforms the act of putting on shoes into a new experience. Unlike conventional shoes with visible openings that signal where to insert the foot, Peel presents an almost seamless, flat-top surface when closed. Its design conceals any traditional openings, replaced instead by a ring-like tab, inviting the user to engage with the shoe in an unconventional manner: pulling the tab and peeling it open to access the interior.

This design choice does more than alter the physical interaction with the shoe; it also shifts the aesthetic expectation of what a shoe can look like. When closed, Peel might not even be recognized as footwear, thanks to its unique appearance that leaves the typical shoe opening out of sight.

Peel is an exploration into new footwear possibilities, challenging conventional design norms and offering users a blend of innovative functionality and a fresh visual approach. By reimagining how shoes are worn and perceived, Peel seeks to carve out a new niche in the footwear market, providing a distinct design story and an engaging user experience.