Refillable Spray Bottle

Pop is a compact, travel-friendly accessory designed for the dynamic and unpredictable nature of daily life. Recognizing users’ diverse needs and challenges, Pop was designed to be a versatile solution that adapts to a wide range of situations, embodying a function-first approach within its small, modern form.

Understanding that users are often on the move and encounter various mishaps, Pop was developed with flexibility and adaptability in mind. It features a two-part design, allowing for easy customization through color variations and the potential addition of accessories. This modular design enables the introduction of high-capacity reservoirs for extended use and clips or loops that fit between the two parts, enhancing Pop’s portability and convenience.

Functionality is further addressed through Pop’s swiveling button, which locks and unlocks the spray mechanism, preventing accidental use and ensuring that Pop is ready to be used when needed. The product’s design includes a soft, ergonomic body with a flat back, addressing the common issue of accessories rolling away and providing users with a firm, comfortable grip.

Pop is the beginning of a new family of functional accessories envisioned by the startup brand NOK. Through thoughtful design elements and potential for future expansion with additional add-ons, Pop aims to become an integral part of users’ daily routines.