Ruler with icons


The Ruler with icons is a 6-inch ruler made from CNC-machined aluminum. It features 15 icons alongside imperial and metric measuring scales. This ruler is engineered not just for measuring but also to enhance the way we communicate dimensions and sizes in everyday situations.

Understanding that numerical measurements can sometimes be confusing or impersonal when shared between individuals, we introduced a novel feature: a scale of icons. These icons represent common items and shapes, such as an egg, making it simpler for users to convey sizes in more relatable terms. For example, instead of stating a measurement as “5.6 CM or 2 and 1/4 IN,” a user can describe an object as being “about the size of an egg,” making communication more intuitive and less prone to misunderstanding.

By integrating these icons, we aimed to bridge the communication gap, providing a dual-purpose tool that offers precise measurements and facilitates clearer, more human-centered conversations about size. This approach makes the Ruler with icons a product for professional and casual settings, where ease of understanding and accuracy are important. Whether in a classroom, workshop, or any creative space, this ruler is designed to make measurement a part of our natural dialogue, simplifying complex ideas with a touch of familiarity and fun.