Sit and Stir


Sit and Stir is a chair designed with the idea of authentic expression at its heart. Drawing on the insight that dining experiences are varied and dynamic, this chair was designed to adapt to the multitude of ways people interact around the dining table. Whether it’s leaning in to savor the aroma of a delicious meal, embracing a loved one sitting next to you, or even creating a bit of distance when needed, Sit and Stir accommodates these actions with its unique design.

The dining room, a place where different conversations, ingredients, and dishes come together, is a hub of human interaction. Recognizing this, Sit and Stir is a concept that embodies the ever-changing nature of dining room dynamics. It’s made to move with you, facilitating easy shifts from one interaction to another, mirroring the flow of conversation and the sharing of meals.

In essence, Sit and Stir is not just about providing a place to sit; it’s about enhancing the dining experience by offering a chair that’s as flexible and adaptable as the dining situations it witnesses. This chair aims to capture and support the rich tapestry of human connections that unfold around the dining table, making it a perfect companion for those moments of togetherness and exchange.