Swirl features a nine-sided design that twists along the body. This texture dictates how the stool stacks. Instead of the traditional up-and-down motion, stacking Swirl involves a smooth, rotating screw-like action. This motion adds a sense of animation, almost giving the product a personality when the user interacts with it. When stacked, the stools create a unified swirled pattern, and individually, Swirl can be used as a stool or a helpful side table, inviting the user to explore and play with its shape.

While designing Swirl, we began by exploring the stool market. Throughout the process, our objective was to design a product that felt both new and familiar, something that would stand out for its aesthetic appeal but also for its user-friendly qualities. While exploring many different ideas, we honed in on creating a shape that would redefine the traditional stacking action in a simple way.