The Good Pillow

Orthopedic Pillow

The Good Pillow is an orthopedic pillow created with the goal of providing comfort that’s felt rather than seen. Over two years of development, in collaboration with Dr. Ryan Lee’s chiropractic expertise, led to a pillow that seamlessly combines functionality with style. It’s meant for the modern user whose daily habits often lead to increased neck pain. It avoids the overly designed or medicated appearance common in orthopedic pillows, which frequently feature protruding forms. Instead, The Good Pillow incorporates its therapeutic features subtly, allowing it to blend effortlessly into any bedroom decor and enabling users to improve their daily health effortlessly.

At its heart, The Good Pillow features a base layer of memory foam, known for its responsive, elastic qualities that contour perfectly to the neck. This is enhanced by a modular neck support system crafted from “Good Foam,” a specific type of polyethylene foam that strikes the right balance between firm support and soft comfort. This careful balance ensures the pillow supports the neck adequately without being too hard for a restful night’s sleep.

For durability and breathability, the pillow is encased in a scrim mesh cover made from 100% polyester. A cooling fabric composed of 69% polyester, 30% polyethylene, and 1% lycra keeps the surface temperature comfortable throughout the night. The external pillowcase, made from 100% cotton with a 500 thread count sateen, offers a touch of luxury and softness.

By integrating these materials and design principles, The Good Pillow aims to provide a modern solution to neck pain. It offers a product that serves a functional purpose and fits into contemporary living spaces. It represents a modern approach to orthopedic pillows, designed to fit the lifestyle and decor of today’s users while offering effective neck support and comfort.