With Icons

Stationery Brand

With Icons is a brand designed to merge fun design with clarity in communication. Using a black-and-white color scheme and the easy-to-read Atkinson Hyperlegible typeface, the brand aims to simplify communication through playful yet clear icons and graphics. These designs are intended to make workspaces more enjoyable and information more accessible, focusing on reducing confusion and enhancing understanding.

In line with its core principles, With Icons is committed to developing fun and understandable tools tailored for the modern user. The brand’s mission extends beyond just creating visually appealing designs; it seeks to provide practical solutions that enhance the user experience in both professional and personal environments. This dedication to functionality and enjoyment is evident in every aspect of the branding work, ensuring that the tools designed under the With Icons banner are not only complementary to the brand’s visual identity but also effective in making everyday tasks more manageable and engaging. Through this approach, With Icons aims to set a new standard for how design can improve usability and bring joy to the mundane, reinforcing the brand’s position as a catalyst for positive change in how we interact with the world around us.